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Learn How to Increase Your Savings

I started my business with the goal in mind of creating financial independence. I wanted to put key people in key positions, so the company would one day run itself, and I could build my savings and establish a solid retirement plan.

Learn How to Increase Your Savings

Once the leads began to come in, I pivoted my attention towards closing them. It did not take long for me to realize it was all about speed. Speed to the job, and speed to get an estimate out before my competition. After all, it is a lot easier to close on the sale when the customer has no other pricing in front of them

My Sales team was now trained and effective, I started to see the fruit of my labor. Unfortunately, there was not a moment to celebrate because my service team could not keep up with the volume. The entire team became disenfranchised, and I lost a lot of quality employees. Mentors and friends would tell me that having more business than you can fulfill was a good problem to have, but I can tell you it truly was not.

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If I could sum up one moment in my journey that enabled me to stop working at my business and start working on my business it would be the moment I no longer made or answered sales calls. By putting it all together, I have found that elusive point in an entrepreneur’s life, where my savings account is growing, and the stress in my life is not!

I am now ready to share my journey with the rest of the Industry through Next Level.

When you are ready to get your time back, live the life you want and learn to make money, then Next Level is for you!

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