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Sewage Removal & Cleanup throughout the USA

Quick and safe cleanup you need after a sewer backup

Get the quick and safe cleanup you need after a sewer backup

A sewage backup should be treated as an emergency since the water likely contains bacteria that can cause serious illness. Next Level Restoration contractors have the training and equipment to quickly and safely clean up contaminated water.

If you've experienced a toilet overflow or sewer backup, contact us today to have the damage assessed by our experts and begin the cleanup process as soon as possible.

Trained sewage cleaners

Our sewage cleanup services:

  • Emergency response available 24/7
  • Work performed by trained & certified technicians
  • Removal of contaminated water and materials
  • Cleanup with air scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and other specialized equipment
  • Mold remediation available if necessary

Common causes of a sewage backup

Contaminated water includes Category 2, or gray water, such as water from a washing machine or dishwasher overflow and Category 3, or black water, such as floodwater or water from a toilet overflow, which can cause severe illness. Even water from a leaking faucet should be dealt with as soon as possible as it can eventually become contaminated.

Most sewage backups often occur from a blockage in the sanitary sewer line, where wastewater may enter your home throughout the floor drains and other plumbing lines within the building. Some causes of sewage backups are preventable, while others aren’t evident until the backup occurs. Here are some of the main causes:

  • Solid flushes: A blockage in the waste line between a plumbing fixture and the main septic drain line is often referred to as a “solid flush.” This problem typically occurs when a large or inappropriate object is flushed down the toilet, such as food fat and cotton buds, creating a blockage somewhere in the waste line.
  • Structural damage: When a waste pipe develops a crack, detaches from an adjacent pipe section, or is crushed because of building settlement - sewage backup can occur.
  • Root blockage: The main drain line that connects the home to a septic tank or municipal sewer can be susceptible to clogging from tree roots. The roots grow naturally toward a moisture source and typically enter the sewer line through pipe joints.
  • Sewer backup or surge: If a blockage occurs in a city sewage line, wastewater usually overflows at the lowest opening, which can be a sink or toilet in a home’s basement or lower level.

Get 24/7 emergency sewage cleanup service

As professional water damage restoration companies all across our great land, Next Level Restoration contractors have the specialized training, equipment, and protective gear to quickly, safely and effectively restore your property. We will address all the unsanitary odors and harmful contaminants by thoroughly cleaning, decontaminating, deodorizing and sanitizing all problem areas.

Call us at 844-978-3050 for a fast response. We offer free estimates for sewage removal and cleanup from coast to coast. Request yours today!

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