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Footing Drain Solutions in North America

What Are Footing Drains?

Footing drains are first installed when the basement foundation is established. It is set up along the foot of the exterior perimeter of the house. The main purpose is to direct groundwater away from the house and preventing them from entering through the foundation wall.

How Effective Are Footing Drains?

Footing drains are effective when they are new, but over time, the drainage pipe gets clogged with various materials and particles in the soil that enter the drainage system along with the water. Moreover, without proper installation techniques, a footing drain can be crushed during the backfilling process when all the excavated soil is back-filled into the ground.

Footing Drain

What We Do Differently

Next Level Restoration Group discovered the best way to waterproof a basement against water intrusions. Our system is a clog-free design that will serve you for a lifetime. Our engineered resolution does not get clogged and is relatively cheaper than footings drains. Our services are available throughout North America for all residential and commercial property owners.

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Disadvantages Footing Drain

Disadvantages of Footing Drains

  • Frequent Clogging - footing drains are easily clogged and the process is repeated every time the drain is repaired.

  • Damaged Landscape - footing drains reinstallation or repair includes digging the ground again which disrupts the landscape such as yard decorations, flowerbeds or walkways.

  • Maintenance - footing drain repair jobs are very expensive because of the extensive digging and backfilling process.

  • Not a Lifetime Solution - footing drains can serve up to only 10 years, after which it must be replaced with a new footing drain system.

  • Causes Cracks - clogged drains cause water to build up against the foundation wall which forces water inside the basement through small gaps or crevices. The pressure can also form cracks on the foundation wall, causing water to flow in.

Rely on Us for Advanced Waterproofing Solution for Your Home

Footing drains may give the promise of effectiveness, but it is very short-lived. Once clogging problems appear, it only gets worse from there. Repairs every now and then can be very troublesome and costly. We provide a cheaper, more effective solution to waterproofing that is clog-free and will serve for a lifetime. Our system requires an annual maintenance checkup to get things up to speed and that’s it. No more disruption to the yard, or gardens you are growing.

Count on us for the most effective solution to waterproof your basement against water intrusions. We are available across North America in Edison, Warren, Franklin Township, Somerville, and more. Call us now at 844-978-3050 or contact us online to secure your basement from water intrusions.

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