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Learn How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

More Money with less work was the promise that I made myself when I started my restoration company. It was not until long nights, a stressful personal life and increased debt that I realized I bought myself another job and drastic changes were needed.

How to Take Your Business to the Next Level

I started surrounding myself with people that knew better and had accomplished goals I envisioned for myself. Mentors said I needed to take myself out of the business and design a company that was customer focused and stray away from my owner focused mindset in the next few years, and I did just that.

Building my company brand, to become a “household name”, generating numerous leads each month, through my internet marketing program, building and training a call center that knows my business, and sets appointments at the time of the first call was integral to my success.

Revamping My Sales

I then focussed on revamping my sales tactics. I knew I could not afford the talent required to replace me in sales so I had to design a system and process that leveraged an infallible training I can always rely on to create selling machines. After many years of frustration, working in every position in my company, I am finally able to say, “my company runs itself”.

I am now ready to share my journey with the rest of the Industry through Next Level.

When you are ready to get your time back, live the life you want and learn to make money, then Next Level is for you!

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